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Katie Arnold has taken “a million steps on a crooked path” to get her to here.  She is the 2018 Leadville 100 Trail Running Champion at 46 years old and is the author of the incredible book and memoir, Running Home.  She is also a contributing editor and former managing editor at Outside Magazine. She is the creator of a monthly column for Outside called “Raising Rippers” and it’s all about raising adventurous kids.  Katie’s foray into ultra-running didn’t happen until her 40s.  In fact, her first marathon was “by accident” while interviewing Dean Karnazes for an Outside Magazine article. She ran next to him with her audio recorder as she interviewed him.  Not only is Katie now an elite ultra-runner, but she has many accolades including Leadville 100, 2018 Jemez Mountains 50 Mile, 2014 TransRockies 3-Day Trail Run, Jemez Mountains 50K, the Mount Taylor 50K. She has also won the Angel Fire 100k twice and set the course record. Her writing extends past her book and Outside Magazine.  She has appeared in The New York Times, ESPN the MagazineMarie ClaireRunner’s WorldElle, and Men’s Journal, among many others.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Working for Outside Magazines from the 90s to the present day
  • losing her father and impending, all-encompassing grief
  • Value of time, especially when it becomes knowingly shortened
  • insight into dealing with grief
  • difference between fear and anxiety
  • some of her views on raising adventurous children
  • running for joy versus external validation of competition
  • smile and flow mantra
  • the legacy she wants to leave behind

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