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Kickin' it in the Querque

By July 25, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

I love coming home, and usually my bike comes with me. I am STILL having symptoms from my sinus infection, but other than not riding, I’m able to proceed with normal daily activities. Southwest Airlines always has screaming deals from Denver to ABQ, so that limits me for short trips when I want to take a bike. Over the winter, I ship my bike down here to use for prolonged winter training visits. This weekend, it’s all free time with the family!

Last time I got together with most of the Looneys was on the cruise back in March. I am very lucky. My family isn’t like many other peoples’ families. They are super fun and it’s always a party!

REAL New Mexican food from Sadies. It was good, but am very sorry to report that it wasn’t nearly as spicy as normal, and the margaritas sucked! Still, I felt fortunate to be eating NM food. Next time I’ll have to go to El Patio.

Sopapillas always come WITH meals in NM. You don’t have to buy them separately. I love them with honey.

My Aunt makes awesome martinis. These are lemon martinis. They also like good beer. cha-ching! We were enjoying some brews from Stone Brewery. I am a CO brew girl, but I LOVE Stone. Always good.

My cousin, Sierra, wasn’t having any beer though. She’s a mommy to be! 6.5 months along. She was joking that she is going to wear a tshirt that says MILF. I concur…and I know you do!

Chowing down on some dessert awesomeness my mom makes! This particular one was some sort of Rocky Road frozen dessert.

Me and my Dad. I am a Daddy’s girl. I love him! 🙂 We have the same humor.  He wears a lot of bright colored Hawaiin shirts.

This morning, I was super lucky and got to go do some patient rounds at the hospital with my good friend, Jeff Haughton.  I am going back to school in the next 2 years for something in the medical field, so I am trying to get in some volunteer experience so I can pick something.  He is a PA and works with neurosurgeons, so I got to see a bunch of post-op patients.  Next time I think I will actually get to watch a brain surgery.  AWESOME!

One more day here (sniff!), and I head back to Denver tomorrow night.  My car started breaking down on the way to the airport, so I hope I make it back to Boulder… otherwise it’ll be a tow-truck type of adventure. nooooo.


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