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La Photographia

By May 20, 2009March 22nd, 20176 Comments

Ergon sent some professional photographers from Germany to Sea Otter.  It made me feel extra special to have people wanting to take my photo.  It was fun and enjoyable!!!  I got some of the pics.  Jeff has some posted on his site too (I am not going to duplicate what he has posted) so check there too.

Pictures are good…. here are some ones I have selected.


Copyright RTI Sports

Copyright RTI Sports
That’s my sweetie! yeah!

Game face

Copyright RTI Sports
Me and Yuki having fun.

Sea Otter finish. “What? You mean it’s over already?”

Copyright RTI Sports
Mr Wiens

Copyright RTI Sports
Kim getting it just right.

Copyright RTI Sports
Dave and Frosty

Copyright RTI Sports
KERKOVE! Pronounced Kerr- Cove.

Copyright RTI Sports
Steep uphill, look at the angle of the bike! Thank you, bar ends!

Yesterday was some LT intervals to stimulate the system, today will be a chill spin on the bike… race day is approaching fast!


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