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Last week: Seattle

By March 16, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Not only is spring a time where your bike gets dirty all the time, it’s a time where I travel a ton for work. It’s been a great experience over the last 2 years to really get to know some of the cities in this country that I normally wouldn’t visit. The hard part about traveling is that it wears you down so I’ve been sick a lot (going on a week and a half now) and it’s extremely difficult to maintain a consistent training schedule as far as riding is concerned unless you have a folding bike you can bring with you! It’s great for the culture/experience side of things, not so good for the pro racing side of things. The sad reality is that I’ve only been averaging about 7 hours a week or so for the last month is neither here nor there, it just is. …and when I do have time to ride, I feel like hell because I’m tired. That’ll make Dicky happy per his video on facebook on the Topeak Ergon page. That means he only has to train 8 hours a week. Anyway, I did have to vent simply because things are going to get better. I am very very thankful for my kick ass job and the great part is that most of my future travel will include RACING!!!! …. so I’ll race into shape, and I’ll be home for the next 2ish weeks to get back on my feet and hopefully my body will come around soon.

For now…
I bet any day I’ll be fired up and ready to pounce! And hey, it’s kept me from overtraining!

Monday afternoon, I returned from a trip to Seattle.


Jeff and I flew out the previous Wednesday and spent a couple days chatting with a lot of the Seattle dealers, meeting our NW rep Nick, drinking awesome coffee, working the Seattle Bike Expo all weekend, and hosting a party with some sponsors called Velobowl.


I finally got to the Pike Place Market before they closed (they close at 5:30!) after visiting the city FOUR times!




The Theo Chocolate Factory is conveniently across the street from Free Range bike shop… and ripe with samples of about 20 different chocolate bars.


And Brouwers was ALSO across the street.

Vivace coffee.

They make the best cappuccinos I’ve ever had.

Zoka was awesome too.

Bumped into an art show.


We tried to make our own art.

Got killed in my first ever computrainer class.


I am the worst bowler… along with pool and darts.

Sexy bowling shoes.

Topeak Todson buddies!

For the Ergon bike haps, check out our blog here.

So now – back in Boulder, back to health(soon I hope), and the weather is turning into spring. Warm, sunny, sprightly days to come soon!!!!!

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