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Late week haps

By November 15, 2008March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Wednesday night was the Warren Miller movie. It was really cool to watch and made me want to go ski off some sweet jumps. Boulder Theater is always a fun venue, especially when there are overly enthusiastic boozed to the max skiers and snowboarders yelling and clapping.



I went with some of my buddies from engineering grad school. They are still there working on their PhDs. I dropped out of the PhD program.. oh well. I got my free ski pass, so my pocketbook can rest for one day.

Jeff came down to Boulder on Thursday night. I usually shop at the Sunflower Market. I can’t seem to get enough of their silly prices. However, when I need beans, I go to Whole Foods. They have Allegro beans that are roasted here in Colorado, and the date is on the bins so I know I’m not getting some dried up, sad little bean. This particular Thursday was madness. They were distributing holiday samples, and there were lines of at least 10 people, just to get a little sample cup. Don’t get me wrong here, I flock to free samples, but I do not like to stand in a long line of pushy Boulderites for it.
PB134921 Yes, that is a line.

Friday. We got a bit of snow in Boulder. Jeff and I rode up Sunshine Canyon. He had to do some low RPM intervals. I just rode at an enjoyable pace which was sometimes easy and sometimes my legs were about to fall off.

PB144932 Fortunately the snow had melted by the afternoon.

Friday PM. My friend Janice was in town, so I met her and some buddies at the Yard House in Golden/Denver for happy hour.
PB144939 Stone IPA. Yes please.



After that, I went to watch my friends Liz and Aniel play in the Boulder Chamber Orchestra. They are both professional violaists and I am lucky enough to go and and listen and secretly make faces at them. This brings us to Saturday. I had big plans for rides, but Coach told me I am riding and killing it too much for the off-season, so today will be only a 2 hour day and tomorrow will be a hike. Pull back on those reins!

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