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Later Wed. night

By December 21, 2006No Comments

I’ll have pics of the snow for you later…don’t have my cable to upload photos. Anyway, my crazy roommate Brent loves to drive his little Mazada MX-3 in the snow and is quite good at it. He decided to try and go xmas shopping yesterday afternoon with all the mayhem. Nevermind the fact that people were stuck on the freeway and had to spend the night at various establishments along the freeway. He was nice enough to drop me off at Brian’s so I didn’t have to have an epic adventure with my bike trying to get there. I was supposed to leave last night and had no food. Brian had no food either. So we walked to Wild Oats which isn’t too far, about 10 minutes. Closed. We decided to hoof it to Noodles which was another .5-1 mile further. Closed. Wendy’s and McD’s closed too(Not that I would eat there). So I suggested we keep going and check the Dark Horse- which is this crazy Boulder townie bar that draws a strange crowd. OPEN!! The only place in Boulder open. I ate a hamburger which I haven’t done in like 6 years, but it was quite good 🙂 yummmy. Coming home was a blast. There were random people in the street searching for food. Brian and I were singing xmas carols really loud and dancing in the street. Other people were walking around having a jolly old time. I decided to take the path less trodden and was thigh deep in snow trying to run. We cut across this huge field to get back to Brian’s apt. There were people playing in the snow, doing snow angels, building snow forts. We were talking to them for a minute and then they randomly started a snowball fight. We schooled them and took off. I continued trying to run in thigh deep snow and had fun. I dove in head first with my hands up like I was diving! I was taking pictures and dropped my camera. Bad news in snow that deep. Fortunately I found it on my first try. It was a fun night.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll have photos for you! Oh yeah, my roommate, Liz, has some pics on her blog. Check it OUT.

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