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Leadville next week for Mr. Wiens, Yuki Son, and many others

By August 9, 2009One Comment

I was reading Dave’s latest post on his blog.  Dave’s writing is different than a lot of blogs I read, not to say that most blogs I read are well thought out and fun.  However, Dave’s blogs offer a certain something.  They always invoke me to sit, pause for a minute, and think about what I just read.

Dave’s pre-leadville blog post here.

Case in point – my new favorite Dave Wiens quote.  It’s about Leadville… but to me, it’s really about any challenge in life that we face.

We know for certain that once you leave the starting line you will be tested, forged, ground, splattered, ripped, tempered, and then refined and regenerated as you, 100 miles later, cross the finish line. We know you’ll never be the same person that started the race. Now YOU are different-tougher, stronger, better. A better YOU: a you without limits; a you that has been stripped to raw nerve and never quit; a you that now is aware of an inner inexhaustible well of resolve, determination and courage. “

Amen brother.  I wish I could have said this so eloquently when people ask me why I’d want to ride my bike for 100 miles… or more.  GO DAVE!

One Comment

  • Lance says:

    Uh… that’s from the Leadville racer handbook. Dave didn’t write it – not that it isn’t up to the level of his usual missives. Get your point, though.

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