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Let the sun SHINE!

By January 25, 2007No Comments

It topped 50 today. That meant a wonderful day to ride. The roads in this area were back to their normal character, full of cyclists wearing every color of the rainbow. I blew off my afternoon class so i could go big this afternoon, and that I did! 🙂 It was much more appealing to do a 4 hour ride in the sun, rather than sit in a classroom and learn about action potentials for the bijillionth time!!!

So I have 2 stories for you today.

The first. I was sitting in class this morning, and I like the class. We are talking about design of an artificial heart. The prof was discussing the A&P of the heart, and drew a diagram of the left and right heart on the board. The left heart has a lot of different arteries coming out the top, particularly in the aortic arch. An engineer(or enginerd) said ecstaticly, “OH! IT LOOKS LIKE A CHARACTER FROM STAR WARS!” I’ll pause to let that sink in………. I leaned over to my friend and said, “You know we are definitely in an engineering class with THAT comment.” The only thing I can think of that is worse is saying it looks like something from Star Trek. Man am I in the wrong field…or maybe I’m in the right field b/c I can make fun of people.

Next. Not as good. In the small town of Hygeine today I saw a strange site. A rasta-man on the side of the road (in the bike lane). That’s not so strange in these parts…however, he was not only in the bike lane. He was RIDING A HORSE in the bike lane. Nice.

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