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Dan Waldschmidt is about action.  From a young age, he believed in extreme effort.  So much so that he pushed himself over the edge and found himself holding a gun to his own head.  Contemplating suicide got Dan to turn his life around and focus on what really mattered.  Dan is an accomplished speaker, best selling author of the book Edgy Conversations, an ultra-runner, and a podcast host. His goal is to help people get unstuck, make decisions, and take extreme action. He has been published in places like Business Insider, Forbes, Vanity Fair, and CNBC. 


Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How to stay motivated to exercise on business trips 
  • Having Accountability
  • The Power of Choice
  • How to make the right decision for you
  • What Extreme Behavior means
  • Finding Your Brokenness
  • Turn your thoughts into action and stop making excuses

“The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Usually Just An Excuse You Are Making Right Now.”

-Dan Waldschmidt

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