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The decisions that we make can alter the trajectory of our lives… and even our survival.  Dan and Sheanne Moskaluk had a first hand account of the life altering changes that occur when you eat a plant-based diet.  Sheanne was 300 pounds and only discovered elmiinating all animal products by accident.  Her son wanted to get into body building and the clerk at the health foods store encouraged Sheanne to do more research into the Whey Protein she was about to give to her teenage son.  With an inquisitive mine and voracious appetite for reading and information, Sheanne learned about the negative health, environment, and animal cruelty consequences of eating dairy that stemmed to all animal products.  After losing 130 pounds, her relationship with Dan changed as well as how she viewed herself and what was possible.  Their family ate more plant-based meals and everyone felt and looked healthier.

Life was better and cruising along a positive trajectory when the unthinkable happened.

One morning in 203, Dan woke up with abdomen pain and wrote it off as a kidney stone.  After a doctor visit, life stood still.  He had stage IV renal cancer with a 95% chance of death.  He was terminal with very little chance of survival and couldn’t even be treated with radiation or chemotherapy.  The tumor had been growing for what was estimated at 15-20 years.  As a hail mary, he tried a very invasive and fatiguing immunotherapy treatment.  Instead of treating the problem, it attacked his liver and nearly killed him.

Adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet nursed him back to health.  It’s been 5 years since his diagnosis and he is healthier than ever.

I can’t wait for you to hear this story from these amazing people.  They have also been featured in the documentary, Eating You Alive.  My husband, Matt joined us for this in-person recording.  I hope you enjoy this riveting exchange and feel inspired to eat more plants after listening to it!

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Sheanne’s journey losing 130 pounds
  • danger of normalizing obesity
  • Dan’s experience being diagnosed with cancer
  • Medical system’s response to Dan’s experience
  • Immunotherapy for Stage IV cancer
  • Dan’s recovery with plant-based nutrition
  • their work as activists

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