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Lit up

By March 11, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

We got some snow here in the past couple of days. Most of the trails had melted and dried, but the cold was still lingering. Fortunately, it wasn’t very windy. I hit up the ride I have been doing a lot lately to prep for the Ouachita Challenge since it’s rocky and hilly – Heil/Picture Rock. I rode from the house today, so due to time constrictions, Hall Ranch was not part of the loop today.

Jason, one of my riding buddies who absolutely throttles me came long today.  Last time he whooped my butt on a rigid SS.  Today he whooped my butt on a 29er geared HT.  The prescription was to pound out 4 hours, and keep the pace pretty hard.  I am carrying some fatigue with me from the weekend, but I was still able to push and suffer.
My riding buddy – JHilimire. I wish I was as strong as him!


I probably wanted to lay down on the bench for awhile, but I kept on.

Rocky fun.

Tomorrow will be a shorter ride, but at Short Track effort.  I have only thrown down that effort at 24OP so far this year, so I think it’s going to hurt!!!

Did I mention that I am psyched for the Seattle Bike Show!?!?!? Mr. Kerkove and I will be leaving to the airport at 6 AM on Friday. EEEEP!


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