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Lock, stock, and barrel…

By August 20, 2008One Comment

I called AAA at 6 AM Monday morning to get back to dodge. I was dreading the ride back, mostly because it could possibly be really weird and awkward. You know, what you would think a tow truck driver would be like – middle-aged(not there is anything wrong with that), hairy, big old beer gut that rubs on the steering wheel, smoking, tobacco stained teeth, and making lude comments at me all the way down the mountain. Then, much to my surprise, a young guy jumped out and he seemed well, normal. Then I find out that he rides and races bikes, and lives next door to my teammate, Brett Morgan. It made for a nice ride back to town and he has this cool company that I’ll tell you about in another post because I don’t have the website at the moment. I was glad to make it back home after my adventure weekend.

This weekend is a MSC up at Eldora. Let’s see if my legs recover nicely this week. I destroyed myself last week!! 😛 Thanks for all the comments on the last post. It was fun. 🙂 I had my car checked out and it was indeed the starter. It wasn’t drawing enough current, so I am getting it warrantied and fortunately, my friend Andrew from work is going to supervise me while I attempt to work on my car again. 🙂

And yes, the Zed 6 is sweet. I scream when I drive it b/c it has over 5 times the HP and WAY more torque than my little lawnmower gocart. 🙂

One Comment

  • Evan says:

    Hey Looney, cute story about me towing you to Boulder. Don’t pay any attention to Brett’s trash talking!! I dig your blog site, very nice. Good riding and crush it racing! Cheers

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