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Look mommy! She's taking slow pills!

By March 27, 20084 Comments


Read it and I’ll weep. A couple weeks ago, I was ripping up some singletrack in NM and hit my pinky knuckle on a tree, ripped a little hole in my glove, and got a tiny cut on my knuckle. Fast forward 2 weeks to Tuesday. The area was red and inflamed which had me a bit concerned. Yesterday it was so bad I could barely sleep and any contact to my hand is painful. There’s a light pink line going up my arm to my elbow where there is a lump, the size of a hard raisin under my skin. Awesome. I went to the doc, kicking and screaming, and they put me on antibiotics. Antibiotics have always messed up my riding and made it so I can’t produce any power output. Guess where I’m going next Thursday? Nova Norba National. That’s right kids, mommy is taking slow pills a week before a national and there’s not a damn thing she can do about it. However, all the other times I have been on antis, I was really sick. This time, I am not sick so maybe the slow feeling was just from getting over being sick and weak, not from the actual drugs. Time will tell. All I can say is that I could not be more excited for the first race and also the first national of the year. I am very nervous about these stupid drugs, but I guess it’s better than dying from an infection. I feel good on the bike right now, so that’s a plus!

I have been experimenting with my lattes lately. Today I met Matt Cooke for a coffee at Spruce and cleansed my palette with an Irish Cream flavored latte. It’s almost like drinking Bailey’s, except the drug being consumed is caffeine instead of alcohol. What about an Irish Cream Latte WITH Baileys…hmmmm. Anyway, I think Matt should change his name to Matt Cookie b/c the man is obsessed with sugar. I watched him, mouth agape, pour (count it) nine packets of sugar (the raw kind of course) into his latte and suck that baby down. Maybe he needed a little extra sweetness in his life, or maybe that’s the secret to being a super fast badass climber. I guess I’ll never know.

The weather has been screwy lately. It was blowing like hell yesterday with a temp of 70. I woke up this morning to snow and rain…followed by sunshine and dry paved roads. I headed out on my road bike and managed to find some mud to get my bike all dirty.

In other news, doucheblog cycling is going at it again. I guess I made it to round 2, and after scouring my blog, Hoovis found a pic of some browned skin. I think it’s funny how everyone else has these professional pics and the majority of the ones he is picking of me are from vacation or parties…they are NOT professional, probably taken by one of my drunk friends of their drunk friend (me). Eh well. I guess I need to get really fast like the other girls so I can get professional photos taken too…and get some sweet airbrushing.


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