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Magic Carpet Ride

By April 5, 2010March 22nd, 20174 Comments

We got one of our new team bikes up and running this week. I was chomping at the bit to get out on some singletrack and test out my new baby. I picked it up Friday night, and by Sunday, I found some great terrain for getting to know my new bike.

More close-ups to come.

The new Rotwild frame is super slick. The carbon tubing has a significantly wider diameter, the rear pivots for the suspension are sealed and much smoother, and the bike rides stiffer.

On Sunday, I heard some whispering coming from my bike. I turned and looked, and went a little closer. It got louder. I put my hear next to my frame and realized my bike was singing to me…..

It told me to go to Fort Collins and ride all the DRY singletrack, and that I did… for 4.5 hours!  The riding up there is great because you get a huge variety and can ride for a loooong time.  I did some loops and rode Blue Sky, Devil’s Backbone (and associated trails), Indian Summer, and Coyote Ridge.




This bike…. it makes riding technical terrain seem easy.  I couldn’t believe how much more confidence I had on certain parts of the trail that normally give me trouble.  My DT Swiss Tricon wheels also helped with this debacle as well.



I also got to try out SRAM XX.  I’m going to be doing separate posts on some of the new products I am getting to use this year including SRAM XX, some new DT Swiss wheel models, and some nutrition stuff.  Any requests?


The bike really did ride like I as on a magic carpet.  I’ve officially got a name for my FS bike.  MCR = Magic Carpet Ride.  I have a good idea of what I’ll call the new hardtail, but I need to spend some time riding it before I can make that one official!!  It was 60F yesterday  as well.  I am surprised that I am still feeling the altitude after being in AR the entire week before.  I grew up in ABQ, which is a mile high and it’s always shocking when I come back to it after being a sea level.  I feel for you low-landers!

I got in another day of skiing earlier in the week, which I’ll be posting on Elevation Outdoors on Wednesday.  It was…and adventure.


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