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Make fun of myself day

By December 2, 20082 Comments

This is not bike related, and my male readers probably won’t even care… so this post is mainly to entertain you ladies.  So we have a Sephora here in Boulder.  To those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a huge make up store where you can try all the products.  I admittedly wear some make up, mostly on my eyes and I like it that way.  How else do you have that smoldering smoky look when you feel like looking hot, right?  Anyway, I go there with my friend Liz sometimes.  I really like trying new perfumes (since I can get really sweaty, stinky, muddy, and fowl during training and racing), I like to smell good during “civilian” hours.

I go to Sephora on occasion with my friend Liz and there is usually a “sephora moment.” That is, I will do something stupid because I have no clue what I am doing. Here are the last three for fun.

Sephora moment 1: Sonya: “oh look! Bronzer stuff. I guess you put it on your cheeks to look tan.” Sonya takes a brush and gets some of that bronze colored powder and applies it to cheeks. The bronzer looks like football player paint, or war paint… Liz laughing and pointing- “Uhhh…. I think you have a little too much….”

Sephora moment 2: Sonya – “I like trying all the different lip stuff. Some of it is shiny and tastes good, some of it makes my lips get hot and ‘plump’ like the stuff claims to do. Oh, what’s this? This kind has a little roller ball on it. I’ll try that. BLEH!” Yes. I was putting perfume on my lips. It was NOT in the perfume section… how could I know?

Sephora moment 3
: Sonya -“Oh look! This shiny lip stuff is colored. Maybe I’ll try that too. Ahhh, I look like Bozo the clown. Maybe I should blot some off?” Sonya reaches for a circular cotton wipe thingy. The cotton sticks ALL OVER her lips and face. It is hard to get off.

Who knows what will happen next?


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