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Have you ever felt that positive momentum when you’re on the right track or that something was meant to happen? This podcast episode with NYT best-selling author, speaker, and coach Christy Whitman goes deep into the 7 Universal Laws. You might be most familiar with the Law of Attraction where you manifest your energy to make something happen and then it does. focus what you want, feel what you want. Christy Whitman has appeared on “Today” as well as been featured in People, Woman’s Day, and Seventeen Magazine.

Christy’s most recent book, Quantum Success is her roadmap to using the 7 Universal Laws and how to turn your vision into a reality. There’s a lot of great insight in this book that we talk about in today’s show. She has a formula for creating success as an “inside-out” approach through the thoughts we think, the energy we put out in the world, and the limits we set.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • The 7 Universal Laws
  • How to create positive momentum
  • The Three Questions to ask yourself
  • Viewing life with an Abundance Mindset
  • How to manifest with the Law of Attraction
  • How to figure out your higher vision
  • How to create a positive environment as a parent

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