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Mean post…

By July 26, 2005March 22nd, 2017One Comment

This was our super ghetto hostel in Paris. Coed, 8 people in one
room, ONE shower with no curtain, 2 toilets for the whole floor(that
didn’t always work), dirty noisy, curfew…it was big pimpin.

My work environment has changed in the past few days. Instead of hiding in my computer lab/conference room office, I am now supposed to drive way out into the middle of the base away from human civilization and mingle with lifeforms only known to the bizarre and twisted. Who knows what they do out there in that small, hot, dark building.. I worry that they will try and inject me with some nerd juice. I already have enough of that in my veins! Yesterday I went out there and was stuck all alone with creepy guy. Yes… we all know him. The 40 year old guy who likes to hit on women half his age… his act was carried out by asking me my plans for the weekend, how serious I was with my boyfriend, trying to make body contact, counting off on his fingers all the qualities about me he finds perfect. Nice… maybe me and his 5 year old daughter will hit it off. You know, because the age difference between us is less than me and her father. It’s quite disturbing that I am required to work with this person…every day. Today I had to meet some people in the boonies at 8 AM. I waited around forever until the first alien showed up. He was 15 minutes late in a mini-van and I believe he was the distant cousin to Jaba the hut… wearing a Nascar shirt. Nice. I followed the hobbling figure to the room I was in yesterday, only this time, we were not alone. I felt beady eyes upon me when I walked in only to find nerds of every size and shape. Their eyes squinted as the light of day shown briefly in the room. Then the door closed and I was isolated. No phone, no internet…just me, some pocket PCs, and the creatures with pocket protectors. My job today consisted of helping Jaba’s cousin take measurements on a container and hearing him breath hard after he bent down to check readings on the machine he picked up in his meaty hands. He told me that he used to race mountain bikes and be a running back for football. Hmm… I don’t know about that. I don’t think he could run if there were 2 dozen krispy kremes in the next room. I managed to escape for lunch and was not happy to come back. The creepy guy from yesterday was there performing full throttle. For some reason, he felt that he needed to pull my hair, bump into me, and grab my wrist. I was just hoping that the contact would not turn me into one of them… and that he wouldn’t be grabbing at anything else. Who knows out there, maybe they were planning an engineering gang bang. After lunch, I told them I wasn’t doing anything there to help and I was leaving to go to my office. I have to go back to the cave in BFE tomorrow. Wish me luck. If you never hear from me again, they took me to their home planet where resistors grow on trees and there are engineering glasses sold in every corner store.

On another note, it has been windy as shiznat here. I attempted to ride the south foothills last night on my mountain bike and had to fight a 30 mph head wind up EVERY climb. I use the wind as my excuse that I could only finish ONE lap and am grossly out of shape. I’ll be lucky to survive the duathlon this weekend. Today Ehasz, Adam, and I are going to ride Sandia. Since the duathlon comes down King of the Mountain, I have to pre-ride it coming DOWN. Hopefully I don’t break my leg or knock out some teeth. Hmm, maybe that would be a good thing… maybe the enginerds would no longer stare…. or maybe they would like the appeal of no teeth. Hmmm…

One Comment

  • Boitano RULZZZ says:

    I’m that Engineer! I love nascar! And what is this “gang bang” that you talk of? Does this have anything to do with running current through a node of resistors…hehehe.

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