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Measuring Improvement

By January 23, 2013March 22nd, 2017No Comments

One of the reason I’m excited about my partnership with CTS and my coach, Daniel Matheny is access to a really professional coaching facility.

Last week, I was in CO Springs for some shop visits, so I tacked on an LT/VO2 Max test. I haven’t had a test in the lab in years for LT/VO2. It involves riding a stationary spin bike with an SRM. The amount of watts you need to push is cranked up every 3 minutes and a drop of blood is taken to measure the amount of lactic acid in the blood. You also have your nose plugged and breathe into a tube to measure all sorts of fun things in your breathe with increasing effort. This is cool because unlike outdoor test, there are less variables in a lab.

Here is a video interview I did:


Daniel going over the procedure


Max effort. Ouch. It always hurts so much more indoors.

I’m excited to measure my progress this year.  I’m already ahead of where I was last year!  My first race is next week in Haiti – MTB Ayiti... time to get 2013 rolling!

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