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Meet my NEW Canyon!

By April 1, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

First of all, I’ve been running around yelling like Pee Wee Herman “MY NEEEEW BIIIIKKE!”

His laugh is creepy. haha

I got to spend some time on it last weekend and I finally started feeling like myself again on the bike last Sunday. Suddenly I was not bogged down behind my pedal stroke and could actually put the power to the pedals, so I was able to get in some efforts on Sunday, Tues, and Wed this week. It was hard to ride my road bike on Tues/Wed when I had a hot new mtb in the garage! Today and tomorrow are easy rides, but I’m hoping to be recovered enough to get in a 5-6 hr mountain bike ride tomorrow, simulating my Julian Death March race pace, at least for part of the ride! Race pace for 86 miles, especially after being sick for a month is not super speedy, but a hard, steady effort. Maybe *some* fitness will be salvaged this week… I’m hoping. It feels good to be able to train again! My last day of antibiotics is Monday. By then, I’ll have been on them for SEVENTEEN FREAKING DAYS. That’s forever… mo’ probiotics.

Instead of taking photos of my bike, I decided to give you a video of my bike with a quick overview of the parts we’ll be riding this year. I figure there will be plenty of awesome pics of the bike to come anyway.


Untitled from Sonya Looney on Vimeo.



Spec’d out:
Frame: Canyon Grand Canyon CF
Group: SRAM XX
Brakes: Magura Marta SL 
Fork: Rock Shox Sid XX World Cup (100mm)
Wheels: DT Swiss XR 1450
Tires: Continental Mountain King and Race King
Handlebar, Stem, and Seatpost: Ritchey Superlogic handlebar, Ritchey WCS carbon seatpost, Ritchey WCS stem
Bottle Cages: Topeak Carbon Cage
Saddle: Terry Saddles, Germany
Grips: Ergon GX3
Pedals: Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 (I accidentally called it 4ti in the video b/c that’s the old name!) Yes, they are 174g. droooool

As is… 20.9 lbs. With race wheels and tires – we’ll see in a few days!

I name my bikes sometimes. I have given this one a very appropriate name: RAZZO. It means rocket in Italian.

I’m excited about a new model of Adidas glasses for the year!

Rocking the Adilibria Halfrim

I did a mountain bike klinik at REI on Wednesday night. Poor Kerkove was sick, so it was a solo effort. I saw some disappointed looks at his absence! Thanks to those who showed up and for all the great questions. Seeing your enthusiasm makes me stoked to ride. The next klinik date will be announced soon. It’ll be at Wheatridge Cyclery about 2 weeks before the Bailey Hundo in June about 100 mile mountain bike racing. More to come on that.

I had a great bike fit at Wheatridge Cyclery yesterday. My next post will be about that! Time for me to ride Razzo!

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