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Mindset for athletes is one of the secret weapons that separate good from great performers.  Most people don’t realize that you can actually train your mind like you can train your body.  Mindset for athletes is a growing field of relevance and importance, and my personal passion.

In this podcast, I’m actually on the other side of the mic with Molly Hurford, host of The Consummate Athlete podcast asking me all the questions.  We talked about many of the topics in my Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy that is a 22-module course.  Please enjoy!

Mindset For Athletes to Up Your Game!

“Extrinisic motivation can help you get out of the bed some mornings and help you stay committed to your goal. Generally, you will stay motivated for longer if you can also focus on the person that you’re trying to become with the goal of mastery, well-knowing you’ll never actually master a task.  You’re always going be climbing the mountain to all these different false summits, so learning to enjoy the hike itself is the key, not just getting to the summit.”

-Sonya Looney


  • Using intrinsic motivation to set goals
  • Reverse engineering positivity and optimism
  • framework of resilience
  • what is mental toughness?
  • how to stop beating yourself up
  • does fake it till you make it work?

Listen Now:

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