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Mixing it up

By January 20, 2010March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I got to go skiing this week! The snow was ok… only a few inches of new snow on the ground, and the bowls at the top of the mountain aren’t quite filled in. Hopefully next time I hit the slopes, I’ll be rewarded with a powder day. It was still an awesome time, and I felt fortunate to be out there.

The sun peaked through the clouds on the Continental Divide only briefly during the day. By late afternoon, the wind was ripping around and making it very cold.

This is all at Loveland Ski Area. I got a 4 pass for the year… not too extreme, but enough to get out there a little bit and “shred the gnar.”

See if you can make out the difference between horizon and sky. We got there early, so it was not crowded until after lunch.


Eddie came with me and showed me around the mountain… and is a badass snowboarder. SWEET! I gotta get back up to James Peak Wilderness with him and see how the snow fortress is doing!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Adidas goggles! I got the Yodai! I’m renting equipment. I STILL don’t own skis/boots/poles/helmet. I will buy my own helmet at the end of the season, but ski equipment is sooo pricey! Even the deals are pricey. It’s actually cheaper for me to rent 4 times a year. Plus, if I had my own equipment, I’d feel very inclined to buy a season pass and my winter cycling training would go right out the window!

I really sucked with my photography skills that day… I was pre-occupied trying not to make an ass of myself (and I did by the way!)

and then it was back to the bike….


Still too muddy to ride some of the open space multi use paths at the Boulder Res… boo. I’m sooo ready for summer. I usually start getting impatient this time of year!


So I decided to ride somewhere else. Who says you can’t find singletrack? haha. This is a very poor excuse and I hesitate to even call it “singletrack” but that’s all I have to work with right now!


Now, the plan is to get in some big days. I leave for LA on Sunday, and will be off the bike until Saturday. That’s 6 days of no pedaling!

One Comment

  • Sonya, Check out the Sports Authority Clearance center at Wadsworth and Bowles in Littleton for some amazing deals. Mostly last years stuff. I bought a board for a little over $100, Jacket for $30, and pants for $40. All quality stuff.

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