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This is an interesting story of how a young girl was frustrated by a tumultuous relationship with her mother and learned about self-awareness and personal development through her father’s advice.  The inputs we have while we are young always have an impression on our adult lives.  The young girl’s father was her mentor, telling her that she will never change her mother, but she could change her own perspective.  He told his 14 year-old daughter,  “Whenever you feel upset and frustrated, remember that the only thing you can control is what you focus on and what you think about. See this as a opportunity to train and strengthen your mind.”  The young girl’s name is Mo Seetubim, and out of her frustrations, she learned how to be happier.  Initially, she was a blogger, writing about different emotional difficulties that come up in life and how to cope with them.  Blogging lead her down the entrepreneurial path where she started the journal – The Happiness Planner.  The Happiness Planner has grown into a company that inspires many with various planners and notebooks. Mo’s goal is to help bring happiness and inspiration to other’s through the art of journaling, planning, goal setting, and prioritizing what’s important. Use the code “SONYA5” for $5 off!

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how this started
  • dealing with worry
  • journaling for self-confidence
  • growth of her journal business & coping with ups and downs
  • life as a traveler & non-attachment to things
  • life lessons from traveling the world
  • should you type or handwrite in your journal?
  • what real happiness means to Mo

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