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By April 12, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

They say April showers bring May flowers. Today was more like April drizzle. Jeff and I went to ride some trails (2 days in a row on trails, lucky me!). The plan was to go for 4 hours, but the weather had a different plan for us, forcing us off the trails early. I joked that it would start getting too wet when we were the furthest away from the road, and voila! It happened.  My glasses got too foggy and wet, so my vision during riding was reduced to squinting out of too blurry slits that used to be called my eyes.  It is amazing how much dirt and rain still manages to fly into them when you have them down to the tiniest apertures you can.

We still had a great day – nothing too crazy. He and I are both still feeling a bit tired from last weekend so we rode pretty easy with a couple of harder efforts up the climbs (at least for me!)

After about 2 hours, we headed back because the dirt/clay was starting to get sticky and collect on our tires, and we did not want to damage the trail. I was thankful to have a rain jacket with me.  Jeff and I felt like it was Camp Lynda all over again!

My sustained power is still lacking, but starting to come back. It takes a really long time to fully recover from a 60 mile mountain bike race!

Here is a video of me that Jeff took during the ride. You can see the weather get more wet based on the clarity of the camera!

3 more days in Boulder, and then I am headed to Sea Otter. The XC will be interesting… and the short track will be even more… interesting…. since my training is focused on 4-7 hour races! That means less super high intensity in my training. I guess I’ll see what I got!

Picture 1
Coming right up… next weekend. Found this cool pic on Bike Rumor.

Tomorrow is Monday. The highlight of my day after a long day at work will be massage #2 from the magical man. Reed rocks! He will make all the evil gremlins in my legs disappear. POOF!


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