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Mojo madness

By August 27, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

After a very sub-par day on the bike yesterday (like zone 3 was a painful experience), I reluctantly suited up and headed out on the mountain bike for my normal easy day mtb ride (Marshall Mesa). Much to my surprise, my legs felt good… like shift a couple gears down and go faster good. I decided that since I didn’t complete the workout I wanted to do yesterday, I’d do it today. I am doing an XC race on Saturday, so I may pay for it, but I don’t care. The XC is just for training! It was a beautiful morning in Boulder today. The light is starting to change. I don’t know what it is, but there is a distinct shift in light between summer and fall, and fall light is my favorite. It’s amazing.

I took a couple of photos of the FlatIrons today as usual, but with the green, wet summer we have been having, flowers and green grass are in excess! Some plants are getting past their summer prime, but not all.

The great thing about Boulder is that there are both paved and dirt paths, so I can get where I want to go on dirt!


I need to get a photo, but there is a spot by Lefthand Canyon along Hwy 36 where the sunflowers are going crazy. I’ll try to snap some shots there tomorrow.

So I got to Marshall, and there is a short hill so I decided that since zone 3/tempo felt so easy today, I’d crank it up, and that I did. I hammered it as hard as I could and got well into zone 5 for a few minutes, which was actually enjoyable. At the top of the hill, I downshifted so I could spin. I looked down at my gears thinking I was in the granny, and I had downshifted into my middle ring! “Whhhaaat? I charged that in the big ring??” That was a nice surprise… since I felt good, I did some more LT and zone 5 efforts. Gotta take it while I can!

and took the road home.

I am always very amused with shadows. One day, I’ll get an awesome shadow picture… it’s gotta happen, right?

Mojo is hard to come by when you race 75+ miles every other weekend. It takes about a week to start feeling good again, and even longer to get the snap back in your legs. Days that I have good mojo are days that I will ride with a huge smile plastered on my face. Speaking of 75 miles, the Park City Point 2 Point race is coming up next weekend. It’s brand new… 75 miles, almost ALL singletrack, and 13,000′ of climbing.

One more day at SRE and I will officially be Ergon property!!!!!


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