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More easy spinning

By November 23, 2008March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Howdy ho! I’m still participating in my rest week, and my knee is still bothering me. Yesterday was a 2 hour ride up 4 Mile Canyon/Gold Hill Rd and back down. It was 60 something degrees outside, and I even took my knee warmers off at one point. Am I in CO or AZ? Last year, I think the first big snow was Thanksgiving week… and here we are at Thanksgiving week. I am not complaining, but for the sake of the streams, trees, and mountain soil, I hope the snow starts to blanket the ground up high.



To the touch, my IT band on the left is feeling more loose, but there is still grinding and clicking with every pedal stroke.  This isn’t the first time, but it is still obnoxious.  I’m glad it’s not the race season…

Jeff kicked me out of my kitchen and made a delicious homemade pizza.  That would be multigrain pizza dough with flax seeds(from Whole Paycheck), bison sausage, plenty of garlic, fresh roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.  Mmm mmm good.


Today, I’m going to stay off the bike and try to keep knee joint grinding to a minimum and see how hiking feels.  It’s 50 out right now, so it should be a nice little walk up the mountain.  One of my best buds – Anne – is going with me.


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