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By March 26, 2010March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I usually don’t have the luxury of getting to a race so early. Last year, I only got to ride a very small portion of the course before race day. This year, we are combining work with bike zest. Hence, we arrived earlier than normal which provides extra time to get more than one snapshot of the course.

Last night, as advertised, we did our ride and klinik. It was a big hit with over 20 people showing up!!! The trails around Competitive Cyclist in Little Rock were so fun!!




some klinik-in

and there was much rejoicing….

The race course is being run in reverse from last year. Today, we rode the first part of the singletrack, which has been embedded in my memory as a distant painful memory. Especially the last 8 miles of dirt road that we will be riding up to kick off the start.

One of the rare pieces of the course I have seen so far that isn’t completely covered in leaves with hidden rock mines.


Rock gardens you can see….

and washing dirty bikes.

Tomorrow, we’ll be hanging out at the big, green Ergon tent selling grips while people do the tour. Sunday is the day of personal battle. I’m a bit anxious to be honest. The first endurance race of the year is never easy… and this one is a brute. I guess I need to be even more of a brute. HSB!!!!!!

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