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Mountain Feedbag

By January 24, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

At Camp Lynda and some of my longer endurance winter weeks, I have been using a product by Epic Ride Research called the Mountain Feedbag. It’s a foodbag that attaches to 3 places on your bike – stem, handlebar, and crown of the fork.

Camp Lynda Day 2

A few of the endurance junkies here at Camp Lynda have this bag, and the ones that didn’t were asking me all about it.

Well, here’s the scoop:

At first, I thought, “Meh. This thing is going to add weight and might even get in my way when I turn my handlebars left and right.” I was wrong. I ended up really liking it for multiple reasons.

1) It holds a lot of stuff. It is about the size of a climbing chalk bag, but I put multiple food items, my camera, and my phone in it. It’s great to simply reach forward and easily pull stuff out. You could fit even more things it, but easily accessing your loot gets harder when you pack that sucker full.

2) Increased security for my items. I have lost things out of pockets. This bag has an elastic draw string closure on the top that holds all your stuff. It also is pretty waterproof. Lynda was using one yesterday in the rain and her stuff stayed dry and safe.

3) It actually doesn’t hamper turning, and the convenience of the bag makes up for the little bit of extra weight. I wouldn’t use it for XC racing, but it’s perfect for loooooong days in the saddle.

4) The bag is very secure on the bike. I like to let go of the brakes on the downhills, and if it were to fall off, it would have done so by now.

5) They make feedbags for the right and left side.

6) There are mesh side pockets. I have had things fall of out the side pockets on the rocks ( like today, my Pop-Tarts flew out, but I went back to get them), but generally, they are pretty good.

7) I hate having my pockets full and bulging. For those days that I do have my pockets busting at the seams, this bag can make the difference between having to carry a pack and not.

Camp Lynda Day 2

Very Nice!


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