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Mountain riding in Golden

By November 6, 2008March 22nd, 20177 Comments

This afternoon, I had some relief from work and headed to Golden. I needed to go to Big Ring Cycles since they are a Cannondale dealer. Alec was very gentle with my Supersix. Meanwhile, I took the Scalpel to Chimney Gulch/Lookout/Apex/Enchanted Circle/Grubstake trails to shred some singletrack. It was pretty windy, and my, my, my, the wind chill was very cold.

windy windy

A few photos:

chimeny gulch

There were rocks….

lookout mountain

and there were buffed sections…

Enchanted Forest

there were snowy sections….


and views from up high.

I am heading to Fort Collins this weekend to do some road riding withJeff . I had to leave my Scalpel at the shop in Golden. My BB bracket bearings are all worn out. Booooo hooooo.


  • Jordan says:

    you and jeff should post some stats from your rides. viewers really like to see that kind of stuff. especially because you both are pro riders. people want to see what you consider easy, medium and hard days on the bike. many people judge themselves against pro riders. its also cool to look back and know what you did, at least for me!

  • Sonya says:

    I am hoping to eventually get a Suunto T6 like Jeff has. That is a really good way to show HR and elevation. It’s awesome. I also use a Cyclops Powertap with my road bike. I can post those when I start racing if anyone is interested… I figure photos are just better.

  • Brian Stevens says:


    The Power tap numbers would be cool to see! With your high heart rate it would be interesting to see your power output, could be higher than Jeff’s maybe?

    Are you going to ride up Rist canyon this weekend? If you do you will like it.

  • Nick says:

    I would like the see the HR info and Powertap numbers. Escpecially off-season numbers.

  • Sonya says:

    My numbers are DEFINITELY NOT higher than Jeff’s. 🙂 He is much stronger than me. I will try to post some of my data soon. I guess there is a demand after all!! It’s interesting, power actually kind of is a factor of weight as well. I JUST started training with power recently, so I am still learning as well!

  • allison says:

    Trails look nice, but that is definitely windy!!

  • Guitar Ted says:

    Yeah, I agree with allison, it looks pretty dang windy there. Trails look like a lot of fun though.

    Numbers? Bah! Generate yer own numbers, I say. The technology is sooo easy these days. Even a monkey like me could figure it out. 🙂

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