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Moving this week!

By August 15, 2005No Comments

Well…the countdown is almost over. Thursday is the big day! I’m trying to get all my crap packed and my very dirty apartment clean. Tomorrow is my last day at Sandia. YEEEAHHHOOOO after 3 years. today I did a ride to the crest in the very thick mist. It was pretty interesting b/c you got wet just being outside. Towards the top of the mountain, there was all this thick fog and you could barely see in front of you. Gotta get my last rides in da Querque!!! It’s funny… all you have to do is move and EVERYONE wants to hang out with you! I should move more often. Next race isn’t for awhile… next weekend. I’m missing Blast the Mass this weekend. It sucks, but I guess I should get settled in since I start school on Monday. NOOOO!!!! I’m pissed! I was going to do a race in los Alamos this weekend, but the weather was supposed to be bad. I didn’t go and I would have won 200 bucks and the weather was nice. @#$)@#$(#$%@$#&%&@!!!

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