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MTB Ayiti – last post

By February 24, 2013March 22nd, 2017One Comment

After the race was over, we headed to our camp. We were sleeping in tents on a hotel grounds with a beach view in the distance.

There was a great party that evening with a nice awards ceremony. The Haitians gave us each a piece of art to take home. It was really thoughtful. I had won the overall out of men and women, Willy 2nd, Marla Streb 3rd.



I also got a trophy that was made by children in Jacmel. It was a mosaic glass trophy and was so beautiful. I was misty eyed as one of the kids handed one to both Willy and I.


After that, the Prestige and rum started flowing and we headed to Pre-Carnival. After about an hour bus ride, we arrived in Jacmel. This wasn’t even the full blown carnival, but there was cultural dancing, art, and music. We had a great time celebrating the first completion of MTB Ayiti!


Thanks to Robert for the video


Some of us got on stage and danced! Marla, Steve, and I were up there! (pink dress in the back)

They called some of the top finishers on stage

After attempting to give a speech in french!

Many many many thanks to everyone who made this happen. To Phil for not being afraid to pursue his dream and vision, to Rick for keeping everything superbly organized and well-run, to Amy King for all of her huge sponsor efforts and events, to the Wellfit Team for keeping us feeling great, to all the volunteers and people who spent so much time and money to get this event off the ground, to Steve Z for creating a heinous course, to Waldo for leading me via moto and taking care of me, and to each and every rider who was there. It was wonderful to meet all of you and I hope to see you down the road very soon. The bonds you make with people at stage races are ones that last a lifetime.

Till next year!!

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