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By June 10, 20092 Comments

May and June here in Colorado have been some pretty wet, and usually when I want to go out and ride!

Today was no exception. I nixed training this morning because of the Boulder Short Track, which is every Wed. As I sat at work throughout the day, I watched the huge thunderstorm clouds roll in to rain on my parade! By the time I got home, thunder was shaking the house and it was pouring rain. For the second week in a row, the short track was cancelled.

However, the bipolar mother nature (she must have a mean case of PMS lately) tried to throw me a bone! The sun is now out and I am hoping the roads will at least dry out so I can head out on the road bike.

I feel sorry for whoever Murphy was. He must have had some horrible luck, hence Murphy’s law. I have been kind of feeling like Murphy lately with the crazy weather, but hey, hardening the eff up and getting outside in that stuff only makes you stronger!


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