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Once per month, I’m checking in with you to talk about my journey as a new athlete mom. I’ll talk about time management, how getting back to and maintaining a training schedule is going post-partum, the mental and emotional pieces too.  I’ll tell you what it’s really like and hopefully give you some nuggets you can apply to your own lives as well. This podcast is supported by Wahoo Fitness who have been a great partner during my journey as a pregnant athlete and new mom! I wanted to bring my husband, Matt Ewonus in on this episode as I will on some of the future Athlete Motherhood series because Parenthood is really what it’s about! Truthfully, we were trying to record this episode for weeks, but every time after Bradley went to bed, we wanted to just chill out!  So I’m excited that we got this episode in the queue. It was fun to sit down and recap what we’ve been up to as parents the last 3 months. Here’s my MorningBrew Newsletter Referral Link (you don’t get money, but you get swag!)

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How we have approached sleep, schedule, and rhythm for our baby
  • A bit about my breastfeeding approach
  • My birth story
  • A day in the life- what our weekday schedule looks like
  • Loss of flexibility with time management
  • Changing priorities
  • What it’s been like to have less time to train and work
  • How I plan my day with a baby
  • Happiness Vs. Contentment CrushitMonday
  • Focusing on the joy instead of the challenges
  • Dad Bod can mean a fit bod!

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