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My best and worst of 2008

By January 1, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Best New Race: It is a tie between the Breckenridge B-32 and Dakota

Worst Race I had (not race course): It is a tie between Sea Otter and Deer Valley Norba National. Sea Otter was the start of my anemia, and I had a freshly broken tailbone AND anemia at Deer Valley. Deer Valley is still one of my favorite race courses.

Race I am the most glad I went to: Sea Otter. Look who I met there:
P4192172 That’s right. This was taken about 10 minutes after I met the Kerkove kid… and 3 months later, the real fun began.

Also, I got these grips there:
Picture 1
that changed my riding.

Best Training or Racing Aide: Getting Sean Madsen to coach me
P7263488 5… as in you will cry for your mommy 5 times during this ride.
After some rest, some bloodwork, reduced riding volume, and some iron supplements, my season started to turn around in August. Also, November and December have been awesome with new coach Rick Crawford. Best start ever!

Best Meal: Thanksgiving dinner in Albuquerque. OMG

New Habit: COFFFFEEEEEEEE – specifically, french press

Best Latte: Ozo Coffee

Worst Latte: The Starbucks in Avon, CO.  I dumped it out

Best new beer for me: Stone IPA
Haaave mercy!

Best Trip: Camping outside of Leadville with Jeff in August.


Worst Trip: Going to Vail for Teva Mountain Games. I had to quit the race and go home. Boooooo.

Best New Product: Tie! Ergon grips and Cannondale Team Scalpel. Hands down. They were all together though, so it kinda counts as 1!

Best All-Around Ride: Colorado Trail in Breckenridge and Copper even though it claimed my favorite sunglasses with a crash one rainy day.

Worst training day: Too many. Slogging through rides with low blood iron was hell on wheels.

Best “I don’t think I am going to make it” moment: The end of the mountain states cup race in Fruita. I got severely dehydrated and barely even finished, beelined to the ambulance, couldn’t walk or see straight and got an IV.

Best Purchase I Made In ’08: My Cannondale Scalpel

Favorite song I discovered in 2008:

Benny Benassi:

Deadmau5 remix:

The Thrillseekers:

Best achievements in 2008:

  • finishing graduate school (that is more a very late 2007 thing though)
  • staying positive during my season through the bad times
  • scoring my AWESOME team for next year – Topeak Ergon
  • writing my own songs and going to perform them at Open Mic Night
  • turning into a fast descender on the mtb which goes with my best new equipment

Things I learned about bike racing in 2008:

  • It’s not all about results. It is about outreach
  • I do much better with mechanicals when I don’t work on my own bike
  • Despite what many of you will say, mountain biking is not dead. It is just injured. 🙂
  • Carry  more than 3 bucks in your pocket on training rides

Things I learned about life in 2008:

  • It is very important to take time for yourself
  • You always have your friends, but don’t neglect them
  • my family becomes closer and more important to me every year
  • You can accomplish anything you want to. It can happen, but it takes effort.
  • Some people you click with and enjoy their company, and some people are a part of you and always will be.
  • Part of being grown up is making a decision and sticking to that decision… I still need to make some 🙂

Hardest moment(s) of 2008:

  • racing with anemia
  • breaking my tailbone
  • not seeing my family as much as I would like (even though I see them  several times a year)
  • having to say goodbye to someone special because they lived too far away
  • saying goodbye to my Cannondale mountain bike (hee hee)

Special Thanks: my awesome boyfriend, Jeff for all the support, my parentals, my friends, Twin Six for outfitting me in AWESOME shirts, my friend Jeff Haughton – for a little extra support, Steve Ruckhaus- Cannondale rep for always helping me out, Matt Jewett- Cannondale team manager, Sean Madsen (coach), Rick Crawford (coach), and Sobe Cannondale and all my amazing team sponsors:

Bear Naked

Yeeehaw.  Happy New Year.  Happy 2009.  Bring it on!  Here is to a great year.  CHEERS!


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