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As a follow up to my last newsletter (click if you want to subscribe!) about winning the 6 day Sudety Challenge Stage Race in Poland, I wanted to share all the details of my set up and plan.

I was originally planning to take my SCOTT Spark Contessa 900RC (my 100mm bike) but there was a problem with one of the parts that couldn’t be fixed in time. This bike (the SCOTT Spark Contessa 910) is the one I typically ride at home in BC and in BC races.  It’s more of a trail bike focus.

(note that in this photo, the front tire is the Ardent. I used the Ikon 2.35 for the event)

Bike Set-Up

Frame: Scott Spark Contessa 910

Fork: Fox Float 34 120mm

Shock: Fox Nude 120mm

Drivetrain: Shimano XTR DI2 1×11

Front Chain Ring: 32T

Cassette: Shimano XT 11-46

Brakes: Shimano XTR Trail

Rotors: Shimano 180mm rotors/ front & rear

Wheels: Stans NoTubes Crest CB7 Carbon wheels

Tires: Maxxis Ikon 2.35 front; Maxxis Ikon 2.2 rear

Seatpost: Fox Transfer Dropper

Seat: WTB Rocket

Nutrition Plan

My nutrition plan is pretty much the same every race.  I have used GU Products for many years and it’s what works best for me. On twitter a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I typically eat 3 gels per hour and there was some surprise that I ate so many gels per hour.  You can absorb around 300 calories per hour although I’m starting to think I can maybe absorb a little bit more.  Each gel contains 100 calories. At race pace, you burn far more than 300 calories an hour. Below is how I fueled each day.  This plan is the same for me regardless if it’s a 50 miler, 100 miler, 3 hour stage in a stage race, etc.  I aim for 3 gels an hour and eat from a flask that has water added to it.  I also keep chews on hand for if I feel hungry or want something different.  I usually do not have any support at races so I have to carry almost everything.  I tend to go heavy on everything – I run heavier gear on my bike, I carry more food and tools than I need. I’d rather be prepared and have it than have a problem and not have it. You lose WAY more time bonking or having a mechanical than you do carrying a bit of extra weight.

Each stage was around 4 hours, so I’d prepare:

2x soft gel flasks with 5 Roctane gels. Fill to top with water shake.

4 gels in my pocket (any flavors I like!).  1 gel I eat at the start line.

1 packet of chews

1 bottle of Roctane Drink Mix

50oz bladder of water in a camelbak

4 electrolyte capsules taped to my handlebar with electrical tape.  I only ate 2 on any given day, but I like to have extra in case I need them (or if I need to toss them at someone cramped up on the ground!!)

— it was hot so I ended up refilling my bottle 2x at aide stations.  Sometimes the amount of water I started with is enough to last the whole race so I never have to stop, but when it’s hot, you have to stop.

In my pack and on me and my bike.

Pack: Camelbak Chase Bike Vest

1 spare 29″ Welter Weight Maxxis tube

1 Topeak patch kit

1 spiky guy with 2 plugs

Topeak Shuttle Levers 1.1

Topeak Mini 20 Pro multi-tool

1 Shimano QuickLink

Topeak Peakini II mini pump

Electrical tape (taped to the hose of my camelbak)

CO2 cartridges (2) and Topeak AirBooster CO2 Head

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bolt which I also used for navigation

Hope that was helpful for your next event!

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