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My legs are back!

By September 25, 20074 Comments

That’s right! 🙂 Thank goodness. After a month of not really focusing on the bike, my legs feel light as a feather and strong. The heavy rotten meat stick legs are gone and I have a brand new set. That’s what a long rest does and I guess my weekend of mountain biking got my legs rockin! I went on a high intensity 50 minute trail run this morning followed by a 2.5 hour mountain bike ride this afternoon. I figured my legs would feel like poo after shredding them on the trails in the morning, but they felt pretty zippy. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the singletrack in Nederland once again to enjoy the electric aspens and tacky trails. Can’t wait!

On another note, I am having terrible luck standing in line. For the past several days in a row, every time I stand in line, I’m stuck behind that guy with 50 million items and the newbie cashier. Examples. Saturday I was trying to buy an electrolyte drink at the Nederland Co-op. I waited TEN minutes. The cashier had to do a price check on several of the items, and there were many. If I hadn’t already opened the drink and chugged most of it, I would have just left. Another example– driving up the canyon on Sunday… it’s a two lane road with no passing. I got stuck behind a train of cars going 35 where I normally go 55. all…the way… down. Today at the post office– everyone in front of the guy who was in front me had one quick item. And what does the guy in front of me have? 10 envelopes, all which need individual postage. I was also in my bike clothes in a terrible rush to get out on my ride. So if you’re being “that guy,” please take a look and see who is behind you and have some consideration if they have one quick item and you have a basket full of stuff that will take forever.

And yes, if you didn’t guess, I am impatient. I guess these are lessons of patience for me.


  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should move to Bend, Oregon, where everyone is in a hurry all the time, especially those in lycra. Remember, your emergency or impatience, or whatever, does not constitute special treatment. Arrive earlier, don’t do errands when you’re pressed for time, and above all realize the world does not revolve around you. Oh, and the canyon road is like that a lot, why would you expect it to be any different? Especially on a Sunday. Get over yourself.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn! Someone likes standing on a soapbox.

  • tsp says:

    the glory of “anonymous”…

    i wonder why hit & run accidents are such a big deal. i mean, the driver just wants to be anonymous. god, give us our privacy back.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am glad your legs are back. You have the best looking legs I have ever seen. Stay beautiful.

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