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Someone recently asked me what my goals are at the moment.  While I have a lot of different projects, ideas, and races I’m excited about on the horizon (and oh, a BABY)… it all boils down to one thing.  You can call it my mantra of the year, and it’s simple.

Show UP.

Show up.  Sounds simple, but some days it’s not so easy. I’ve experienced pretty extreme fatigue since I got pregnant.  Showing up to pedal has surpassed any training goal because there are a lot of days I don’t want to show up.  I’ve talked about how showing up and how getting started is the best way to be consistent and to overcome excuses – overcoming the activation energy of getting started.  Just setting your commitment level to showing up is powerful and it also takes the pressure off of expectations you may have of yourself.  “Show up” will be a mantra I’ll use with a newborn, when I’m scared to show up to races because I won’t have the high end fitness for the first part of the season, and it’s something I’m even using in my relationships.

SHOW UP. Day in and day out.

Yes, showing up for your relationships is important too. That can mean being present without a phone or device in front of you and giving someone your full attention. That’s the best gift you can give someone. Showing up for a relationship can mean simply being reliable and doing what you said you would. It can mean just calling or texting a friend to say hello.

Maybe you want to show up for meditation or show up for yoga, or show up to something that scares you.  Show up.  It’s simple. It’s the only thing you need to do.

SHOW UP. Even after you’ve failed.

Sometimes showing up in business is scary. Showing up to a meeting, or following up when you know you aren’t going to get the outcome you were hoping for.  And continuing to show up trying to build new business relationships, even when your confidence has been shaken and you feel like others don’t believe in you.  Just keep showing up and good things will happen.


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