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My pet spider

By August 30, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

If you hate spiders, you might not like this post.

Yesterday I was sitting at the couch, probably updating my facebook status and being a dork. (ha) I looked outside and something big caught my attention. I leapt up and got out the back door as fast as I could. My heart was pounding as I took my camera out, got 3-4 inches away from the huge spider and web on my back porch. I finally figured out the right angle and camera setting, but I got it. I will continue to watch it. I hope to catch it in the act of wrapping up a bug.

If you want to see any of these pics up close and personal, click on the image, all sizes, then do the original size.


Hairy little bastard.

I provoked it this morning and threw a small flower in the web. It came down and I shot some more pics. Here is the best one.


I think it’s an “orb-weaver spider.” They are not poisonous and prey on mosquitoes and wasps… 2 pests who I have been the victim of many many times! I hope I get more cool pictures.


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