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New beans coming. CHARGE!!!!

By June 22, 2009March 22nd, 20176 Comments

Sometimes supporting “the corporate man,” i.e., Starbucks, cannot be helped. I have been in situations where it’s the only coffee I can find, I want something consistent, or I simply don’t know any better. That said, 90% of the time, I like to support the little guy… which is often better quality and more unique. I use my French Press on a daily basis and always enjoy that wafting aroma of fresh coffee. I also like to try different blends and coffee roasters from all over the place. Copper Door Coffee is something that came along by chance – one of those great finds that just falls into your lap. So as you know, I race mountain bikes, which has introduced me to some great people. Sinjin Eberle is one of them, who owns Copper Door and has enlightened me to his quality roasting.

Picture 5

I’m almost out of the Brewing Market Europa Blend I got last week, so I planned ahead and ordered two different kinds of beans. (Brewing Market is a local coffee shop in Boulder). I also like Allegro beans, particularly the Vail Blend.

Picture 1
Click photo to check out the selection.

I really like dark, full-bodies roasts. Kind of like my wine…. and beer…. something with character that wakes up my mouth and says, “Wow…..” That can be taken to the gutter quickly, so I will not continue further with that.

Sooo… on the way, I have coming (per Sinjin’s suggestions) some South American beans. The Columbian and the Brazilian. That is pure motivation to hop out of bed in the AM, even if I am trashed from a 100 mile race! Can’t wait!!


  • Don says:

    Awesome string of posts! As a fellow coffee lover (who doesn’t love coffee???) I might have to try some of this stuff. 🙂

    Ok, so at the risk of starting a heated debate…I feel the need to ask…how did “corporate guilt” as I call it get started? You know, the guilt that arises when you support a “big box” corporate (i.e. chain) business like Starbucks, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, etc. After all, they were all the little guy at one point in time. They had a vision, the drive to succeed, and became successful. What’s with the “no, not the chain” type of mentality in our society? I know, the little guy is important, and I fully support them, but why the “big box guilt/avoidance”?

  • Jimm says:

    I share your love of coffee. I forbid drip coffee in my house and if a traditional american cup of coffee is desired it is americano style or french-press only. I on the other hand will avoid Starbucks completely and will go without my beloved espresso-based or coffee drinks rather than settle for what is mediocre coffee at best, yet worshipped by the unknowing as good.

    It is nothing to do with corporate versus little guy either. I just refuse to contribute to the misconception that Starbucks is quality and deserves my dollar.

  • Starbucks and coffee should not be mentioned in the same sentence. What they serve is a cup is just plain disgusting!

  • RSTEVE says:

    because wal mart treats their employees like shit. that’s why.

  • bnb says:

    The local Java Cow (chain?) has those cute “we don’t speak starbucks” tee shirts on most of the baristas …

  • Bill says:


    When in Estes Park, stop in to Kind Coffee and support the crew up there.
    Whenever we are in town staying w/family this is our go to shop…
    Roast 422 is very kind by the way, in honor of Earth Day!

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