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New trail and other fun

By May 18, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

If you want to read my news-like report and some facts about the new trail at Betasso Preserve, you can read my blog post here on Elevation Outdoors. This post will have some more anecdotal moments from my ride today.


It was so cool to ride a new trail and even better to see all the people it brought out to ride! I ran into some friends on the trail. Sean Madsen bumped into me and helped me further dial my suspension. I’m searching for the purrrrfect pressure!




We’ve had some crazy weather in Colorado. It’s been raining a ton. I managed to get out right after the rain, and it rained enough to make the trails perfectly tacky. With the rain today, it’s likely to put them out of business for awhile.

I wish I could somehow post the scent of the fresh spring.


Today, I went to Boulder High and gave a talk with my police officer friend, Mitch, about things you can do on bikes. I focused more on rules of the trail, all the opportunities for young people in mountain biking, and how riding gives you confidence. It was cool!

It was really rewarding to talk to young people!!

Then I headed over to FasCat Coaching to try out the space legs I’ve been hearing so much about.

Jason was explaining to me how they work. It’s basically like having blood pressure cuffs going on and off on your legs. It’s for compression and squeezes your legs. It is awesome for recovery. I will be coming back here and using them again!! After the 3 back to back endurance weekends I’ve done, I’m focused on a little bit of training, but mostly recovery and taper for TSE

Frank, Alison, Jason, and I hung out and watched the Tour of California. Living the life!

I’m going to get back in here next week. Want more info? Click here

Tomorrow, I’m off to Chicago! Never a dull moment.

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