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By December 12, 2006No Comments

In the midst of everything going on, namely trying to memorize an entire physiology book(hardy har har), practicing my research presentation on cerebellar electrode stimulation for cerebral palsy, and trying to finalize my OTHER research paper on neuromuscular fatigue, I have gotten news about huge factors influencing my life for 2007.

1) I have been trying to get into the physiology dept to do research with my engineering degree, and have it be like a joint program between electrical engineering and the neurophysiology dept. I’ve been waiting to hear back if I got the job… last night I heard the good news! I will be doing research in the neurophysiology lab next semester. I meet with my advisor (Dr. Roger Enoka) this afternoon to get the details. He is respected throughout the world for neuromuscular research. yessss! Except now I am a SUPER nerd. Electrical engineering, neurophysiology, and a bike geek… how much worse can I get?? 🙂

2) Sponsorship results are in. I decided to ride for Tough Girl next year(big surprise). We have a number of sponsors in which the details are being worked out. However, I will be riding a Scott bike next year that I am VERY excited about. It’s the Scott Contessa Spark. As for components, we are sponsored by SRAM/RockShox… so I’m going to riding a really sweet new bike next year. I can hardly wait!!! I am still hungry for a hardtail too….

Back to work! I’ll give you details later about the neurophysiology lab job… I find out this afternoon all the nitty gritty schtuff. LATE!

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