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By April 25, 2008No Comments

Tour of the Gila next week. I’m going to dust off my roadie hat and go continue to get my butt in shape. I haven’t done a road race in awhile, so I’m a little nervous. I’m also nervous because it’s 5 stages totaling almost 300 miles. Our team is called “Sobe Bella” comprising of myself, Nina Baum, Kathy Sherwin, Shannon Gibson, Jenn Wilson, and Josie (I don’t know her last name, so sorry!). 5 of us are pro mountain bikers and I’m sure Josie is cool too, so it’ll be a fun team!!

I just got back Monday night, but I’m leaving tomorrow to Albuquerque to see the fam, and then Nina and I are driving down to Silver City on Tuesday. Me and my Sobe girls have been having so much fun this year!! Albuquerque is on the way anyway and my mom is making her special enchiladas and my dad is making me steak. Food is good. I found a cheap flight which makes me happy, but it still doesn’t make up for having to pay to take my bike on the plane. I wish we didn’t have to pay…it doesn’t seem fair. Me plus my bike in weight is a lighter than a lot of guys, body alone! I really like Southwest for a number of reasons, one being they only charge 50 each way instead of 85 like United. Southwest also gives you credit if your flight goes on special and lets you change your flight free of charge. They are the way to go!

When I got back from CA, I noticed that spring had sprung in boulder coming back on the bus. The hills are green and the flowers are blooming! Summer is a-comin’! That also means my allergies are raging.

If you haven’t noticed, I have a plane ticket fund on the right side of the website. It was suggested by my friends and hey, Matt Shriver did it! I really want to get out to the east coast and race the NY Norba and National Championships, but me oh my! Plane tickets are FOUR HUNDRED dollars (plus 100+ to take my bike on the plane). Ouch. So thank you so so much to those who have helped out. I can take my bike one way on the plane…now to take my own body on the plane. anyone else? It is very much appreciated. 🙂

See you in NM! 🙂

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