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By September 18, 20088 Comments

After all the bike riding, I thought I would indulge in driving to work today.  After all, I had spent a lot of time in the last few weeks replacing my starter TWICE.  Yet, I would still feel anxious as I crouched into the drivers seat and prepared to turn the key.  Oh, the starter worked all right, but the solenoid was still whirring after I disengaged the key and turned the engine off.  Another effed up starter from Autozone.  NEVER buy a car part there.   Take my word for it. they have a lifetime warranty, but you will be replacing your stuff every month.  I thought it might have been the ignition switch, but after talking to a few repair shops, they all agreed that it was my shitty little Duralast Autozone starter…. so after Interbike, I guess I need to drop some coin on a high quality starter and put that in for the FOURTH time since December.  Yeah.  The starter should not be replaced more than you fill or your tank with gas.  😛  So I had to hop on the saddle again today.  I took my commuter bike and to my surprise, it wasn’t painful… *everything* felt good, even my legs…. well, minus Herman. 😉

It was rough being back at work today, working a full 8 hour day like most normal homo sapiens.  I am spoiled…I know.  I had a massive pile of work to dig myself out of after missing 2 work days.  Imagine what I’ll have to make up after missing 5 days due to Interbike next week.  yeeeeeesh.  The weather clouded up and got insanely windy later in the evening.  My nice coworker offered me a ride home which I usually will not accept, but this time, I was ready to take the offer.  I don’t know what kind of bad car karma I am carrying around with me, but we got a flat tire on the way back to my house….  I hope I am rid of all that car baggage because I would love for the Ergon FJ to work in a happy fashion on the way to Vegas on Saturday.

I’ll do a mountain bike ride tomorrow and then will have about 9 days off the bike.  I am going to start my off-season running regimen this weekend which I am looking foward to.  Work tomorrow, then off to Vegas Saturday!!  It’ll be like when I was at OR…some sparse posts, but I won’t forget about you!

Come by and see me!  I’ll be at the Ergon or Zoelle booth.  Mostly at the Zoelle booth for this show:

Ergon Booth #4351
Zoelle Booth #6204

We will also be having an Oktoberfest party at the Ergon booth on Thursday from 5-7 PM.  I will be bartending in tradition German costume…one that has appeared on this blog before… ruh roh!


  • matt says:

    Before I started racing seriously, I worked at AutoZone as manager in college. When this happened at my store, we would give you a brand new, not rebuilt, starter. I am guessing you keep getting remanufactured ones? If so, I would go in and demand a new one that has not been rebuilt (like most of them are) before you drop more coin than you have to. If they won’t do that, demand a refund and get the hell out of there for good.

    Goodluck with the car and interbike!

  • sonya says:

    Thanks! I’ll do that… I tried last time and they said that they do not have any new ones, only rebuilt. I am going to try to put on my game face and get my money back.

  • Joy says:

    HEY! I teach Geography (and PE) and i totally snaked a pic of you guys above the treeline to use in a powerpoint for 9th graders! i hope that is OK!!! They show great physical geography!! Plus way more interesting than the ones i get off of google!!

  • sonya says:

    Snake as many as you like 🙂 COOL!

  • Sonya, I’m beginning to feel like a regular here! The owner’s wife of the bike shop I work at p/t is a rep for Kurt Kinnetic bike trainers, and she will be at Interbike also. Her name is Pam, and she is not shy! I asked her to stop by your booths. She wrote back and said she knows the Ergon rep very well (she used to work for J&B bike parts). Anyway, she said his name is Dee Jay Birch and she was going to make a point to see him. Do you know him? I think our world is getting smaller! Sounds like a great little trip you and the old man took. Sorry about your crotch 🙁

  • keith says:

    Auto Zone stuff is cheap crap. I put a clutch in my S-10 it went out in a couple months. They replaced it free. Went to a transmission shop to put replacement in. I didn’t want to tackle the job again. Transmission guy told me he would put the Auto zone clutch in, but won’t warranty labor. Since more than likely have to do the job again.

  • Sean Fontaine says:

    Does Mr. Kerkhove have a relative that works as a fire inspector?

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