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By February 6, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I have never been to a major league sporting event of any kind. I have been to many a minor league game (baseball, hockey…). Albuquerque is good like that with the Scorpions Hockey team and the freaking Isotopes. I went to my first hockey game in 6th grade, and the last one I went to was the Scorps 1 year ago. I am not a superfan, but I enjoy some rowdiness. If I had to pick a sport that I love watching more than anything, it would be tennis. I am an ex-tennis player. It was my life for about 4 years, so I love it. It runs in the blood – my grandma won’t even answer the phone when a tennis match is on TV.

It is Mr. Kerkove’s bday on Saturday, and I recalled him being a hockey fan, so I figured an NHL game would be perfect. He must wait till Saturday for the other goodies though. muhahaha. We had a killer time. His post on the game tells a story. Mine is just a hodge-podge of amusing events.

So here they are:

I enjoy fighting in hockey. There was only one…and I managed to get it on camera just by dumb luck. In fact, I didn’t even know it was happening for awhile.

The obnoxious screaming is me. Yes, it’s true. Watch the upper left hand corner. You want a piece of me?

We sat in a pretty full section…

and this kid was super excited the whole entire night. Every couple of minutes, he’d cheer. Fast forward 20 years. He’ll be the frat boy in the back with the beer hat on(Budweiser…grosss), screaming with the raspy voice, and making my head spin from making me laugh.

My hot date.


Nom, Nom… Nom??? Ooof, I’m full.

Well, after a big, salty pretzel and taking in the experience, the Avs won 3-2. YEAHOO! Good times to be had.

Today is another busy day. Ride, and then off to the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance Gala Banquet. Yes, I will be wearing a dress. Brace yo’selves.

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