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Nights out

By July 7, 2007March 22nd, 20173 Comments

That’s right folks. Sonya Looney actually went out to the bars. I know it’s a miracle, but it happens…about 4-5 times a year. Read it and weep! I have been trying to be really good about being as healthy and responsible as I can for bike racing. Alcohol usually does not imply either one of those, so you can see why I have been avoiding it…. which also means my already low tolerance has faded to basically nothing. Last summer I had bloodwork done and the doc commented on how low my liver enzyme count was and that I must never drink. haha, that explains it all.

Friday night:

Pool party with BOTH roomies and their friends, and then off to the bars to drink some much needed margaritas. mmmm. Then I met up with Thurein (and various other engineering pals from when I worked int he Power Electronics Lab).

Liz’s normal reaction to Brent.

Me and Thurein eating sushi (and Montu in the background). We went and played darts later. The boys were very alarmed with the force that I use when I throw the darts. I know you’re supposed to just use your forearm. But I am an endurance athlete. I like to go hard. So I use my whole body complete with the shoulder turn. C’mon, I used to be a tennis player after all, you gotta use the core and shoulders. 🙂

The roommates and Sonya after 2 margs. Looks like my alter-ego was coming out. The Looney (and sometimes Son-yat) When riding home, I was saying to strangers, “Very nice! How much?”

Bri. Blah blah blah. 🙂 This pic is fun

Monique’s bday. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go out, but Brian and I peeled ourselves off the couch after being in a cookie coma to hit the town.

Monique and I…double trouble.

AHH, it’s the cookie monster!

Some of my favorite things. My Powerbook, my SCOTT BIKES (hot hot hot!!!) and my world-famous cookies. Ask anyone, they are the best!! Come over if you want one!

Me and my sweetie. That’s niiice!

Brent Milla practicing his self-photography skills. Ranno and Josh look like they are having fun in the background!

More pics of my fav. boys. They are the best too.

Brown ale, straight up. I missed my dark beer.

Ok, after FRS and ibuprofen, time to go ride off this hangover!!!


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