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Nikki Brammeier is a cyclocross champion and had her first baby right before COVID lockdown in November 2019.  Nikki has stood on many World Cup Cyclocross podiums (12 to be exact), has been British National Champion across multiple disciplines of cycling, and has had great success in road racing as well. She is also a cycling coach and founder of her company, Mudiita Coaching.

“My aim is to inspire, coach, and mentor the next generation of cyclists using my past experience, creating happy, healthy bike riders”

-Nikki Brammeier

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • 3 key elements to becoming a cyclocross champion (resilience, support, passion)
  • how to avoid burnout as a cyclist
  • Nikki Brammeier’s decision to retire from cycling
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fluctuating hormones
  • how Nikki handled training as a pregnant athlete
  • post-partum healing, body image, and resilient parenting
“I think that’s one thing being an athlete teaches you is you learn to read your body quite well. Your mental well-being is important and your baby senses that. That time away, just those few hours on your bike or going for a run, or doing something for yourself is so important for you to be  the best mom you can be because you come back and you’re more full of energy and ready to give your all.”     -Nikki Brammeier

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