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No Bikey, Just Wakey

By September 9, 2010March 22nd, 2017No Comments

After Friday’s ride, I decided to take the weekend off from riding my bike. I definitely didn’t want to, but I knew it was best. Instead, I went running and tried something brand new – watersports. I have rarely been in boats on a lake. The extent of my experience is a boat with oars to go fishing.

I’ve been wanting to try wakeboarding and wakesurfing, so when the opportunity presented itself on Saturday and Sunday, I was game! I will admit that I was extremely nervous to try it. Getting pulled by a rope behind a boat on a board is a little intimidating to me. However, to get myself to stop being so anxious, I told myself that people are scared to go mountain biking because it seems dangerous and it’s something I don’t think twice about, so into the water I went. Brrrr, it was cold too.

We only wakeboarded one day, and I was unable to get all the way up. I gave it my best effort. It was fun, but also frustrating because I’m used to land sports, and land sports just come naturally. Water? Not so much. I took to wakesurfing a little better – maybe because my feet weren’t strapped in. I might have been better at it if I was a snowboarder instead of a skiier. Regardless, it was refreshing and fun to do something new. I finally learned how to use imovie and made a short video:


Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing from Sonya Looney on Vimeo.

And a few pics.

Stanley Reservoir. Failing miserably, but still having fun.

When you finally get it, it’s so fun! I gotta get better at this next summer!

Go for the nose plug, quick! And she’s down.

…and this is what it looks like when you know what you’re doing on a wakeboard. I’m glad I have friends that do other sports besides cycling to get my butt out the door and trying new things!

We played late afternoon until sunset…and what a sunset!

I got so much water up my nose the first day that I had a headache! haha. I think I like the water – I’ve always wanted to try surfing in the ocean, but growing up in the desert, and living the mountains, the opportunity to surf on the ocean rarely presents itself. Someday!!!

Yesterday, it was back to my bike – my singlespeed, and my legs felt good! I finally started experimenting with my helmet cam, so I’m working on a video for that too, but the camera angle isn’t perfect. Check back soon!

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