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No Such Thing as "I’m too old"

By October 10, 2015March 20th, 2017No Comments
I did a podcast interview about mywin at Worlds with Over the Top Cycling. I said that the most inspiring person to me was the 65 yr old woman(Katie) who did 9 laps and that she was far more determined than me. It is easy when you are young, fast and in the front of a race. The people with the true grit, patience, and determination are the ones out there charging who aren’t in the “pro” field. Katie, at age 65, did 9 laps and told me she was sorry she didn’t do 10. She was disappointed that she didn’t do her absolute best despite achieving such an impressive feat. She did more than most people within 15 years of her age; man or woman. She left me this message on myFacebook athlete page. I cried when I read it. What an amazing person and example that age is NOT an excuse. Hiding behind “I’m too old” would not fly with someone like Katie, or my 63 year old dad who is constantly trying NEW things/sports, runs, works out and does yoga every single day. Or my 68 year old father-in-law George who also is out there and still pushing himself(he learned how to huck on his mountain bike THIS year.) It seems that being mentally flexible and believing in yourself, no matter what the age is the fountain if youth! I’m thankful there are so many great example of people who live their life this way.

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