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What would it be like to lose $100 million +?  How would you pick up the pieces and move on?  Noah Kagan aka Rabbi Can’t Lose aka the Taco Meister knows all about the ups and downs of start-ups, building solid businesses, the art of comedy (seriously, the dude is hilarious), and even a little bit about mountain biking.  Noah is the Chief Sumo of (a domain he paid 1.5 million for), one of the most entertaining and motivating people I’ve ever spoken to, and is incredibly down to earth.  I have a lot of respect and admiration for Noah, but after listening to many hours of him on both his podcast called Noah Kagan Presents as well as listening to him as a guest on other shows, I was even more inspired by his attitude, his down to earth vibe, and his commitment to always wanting to be better and challenging himself.

We had so much to talk about that I barely scratched the surface with questions I wanted to ask him. From working in a cubicle at Intel, to being one of the first employees at Facebook and, to building an incredible 8 figure business at AppSumo and, Rabbi Can’t Lose has accomplished a lot.  Not only that, he is a very introspective and curious person who is a very good conversationist.  On top of AppSumo, King Sumo and, Noah has his podcast (as I mentioned) and also has a very fun and super informative YouTube Channel about business and behaviors that I find fascinating.  He is the author of one of my favorite blog on business and marketing –  In this show, you’ll get to hear Noah’s scorecard for success, Noah’s relationship with money, a challenge for YOU to try, and we even talk about things like what it means to Noah to be Jewish and what Noah thinks about retirement.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • What it means to Noah to be Jewish
  • Should people retire?
  • Thoughts on losing 100 million dollars
  • Noah’s relationship with money
  • how Noah defines success
  • coffee challenge
  • Prioritization of time for biz vs personal time

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