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Non-bike fatigue

By October 16, 2008One Comment

I am pretty tired today. After working a bunch of hours this week, I also had to move yesterday. We all know how fun moving is. I got off work around 3 and my roommates and I used brute force to get all our stuff into the new place. I saw my bed at 2 AM and was up early for work today. yaaah. 😉 I’m heading to Fort Collins tonight, working a little tomorrow and then I finally get to ride. I haven’t ridden since Monday…it feels like forever. Jeff, Carney, and I have plans to hit ’em high in the mountains. It’s amazing how much your body freaks out when you do something it’s not used to… like carrying heavy objects up 3 flights of stairs. I gotta stop trying to be so macho because I end up hurting myself (hence my knee and back pain today). But at least the guns are sore from carrying stuff. Even my legs are bit sore from running up and down stairs loaded down. Gotta cross train!!

Also, stay posted… I’ll be posting about the other 2 rides we did in Moab tonight or tomorrow. Jeff also has been playing with his helmet cam. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a cool video he took.
Sovereign Trail from Jeff Kerkove on Vimeo.

One Comment

  • Justin says:

    Jeff did a really good job with the helmet cam. I have a hard time getting mine aimed correctly. Your butt was center frame the whole time though! haha I think of all my helmet cam attempts, I have one that is half that good of Allison. He also did a good job keeping his head/helmet steady.

    Fruita > Moab. 🙂

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