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Non-cycling news

By July 25, 20073 Comments

That’s right, I have a life outside of cycling. This has to do with careers and stuff. As some of you know, I have been trying really hard to pursue a job in the solar power industry. One company I interviewed with made an offer, but has still been putting it off which I do not understand. I got tired of waiting and applied other places. I found a much better fit and they actually made me an offer! It’s called Sunflower Solar– The guys that work there are great, fun, easy-going, and not creepy old men (like my current job). I’m really excited to do something that I’m inspired to do (designing solar systems), be challenged, and feel good about my work environment. It’s part-time, which is why I’m so amazed they hired me. It’s really hard to land a part-time engineering position. So yay for me 🙂 Here’s to new direction that I want to go in.

Another job related topic. I’m starting my own company. I have been racking my brain since the spring about how to make it unique and cool. I will divulge more details soon. Basically it’s a company that will help people get healthy in many aspects of their life. It’s not geared toward the seasoned athlete or nutrition/environmental saavy guru. It’s more for people who are new to fitness and health. I have had a lot of great positive feedback this year helping my friends and family, so hey, why not make some cash moneeeeeey doing it? I am also working on getting my NSCA certification for personal training. The test is the hardest one and I have really been enjoying the reading and studying. I am going to try and get a website going in the next few weeks and be up and running. If you are interested or know anyone interested, please feel free to leave me a comment with your email.


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